Vue M agency, Palais Heracles
Vue M agency, Palais Heracles

Vue M agency, Palais Heracles
Vue M agency, Palais Heracles

Vue M agency, Palais Heracles
Vue M agency, Palais Heracles

Vue M agency, Palais Heracles
Vue M agency, Palais Heracles


Heracles building, slightly indented, is located at the heart of the Boulevard Albert Ist, just above the departure line and arrival. You will have thus an exceptional view of the departure and as well as on the arrival of the pilots but also on the pit exit and throughout the race thanks to the panoramic view from this apartment. (docks, «S» shaped turns of the pool, curve Anthony Noghès). It is located just above the pole position and Price’s Loge where HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco hands over the trophy. The apartments can accommodate from 20 to 50 people. The room(s) give(s) access to a fit out terrace for your group. The guests will have lunch inside the apartment.

To start this exceptional weekend, you are greeted by our hostesses for breakfast on the terrace and then our quality caterer will take care of all your culinary desires for a VIP lunch with wine, champagne and soft drinks open bar. 8, 10 or 12 places setting table can be booked for groups. Each guest will have a pass issued by public safety to access the permises.

Dates :

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Weekend Pack (Saturday + Sunday)

Rates :




* Prices exclude 20% of VAT

Possibility of VAT exemption for European Company with a VAT number

Indicative rates subject to change according to services requested - to consider a group and personalized quote, thanks for contacting us

The «Heracles» package includes:


• Access to the apartment for Saturday, May 22 and/or Sunday, May 23 from 09:00am to 6:30pm

• TV Screens with live television broadcasting of the Grand Prix

• Quality Catering Meals: Continental Breakfast, Lunch VIP Cocktail Catering

• Open Bar (soft drinks, water, wine)

• One official Pass per person on the terrace

• Lounge fit out of the terrace (in the case of privatization, the terrace can be designed free of charge to your company colors, lounge furniture, flowers ...)

• Hostesses, butler and agency staff

• VIP EXTRAS: badges customized to your company identity, official programs, earplug and champagne.

In option :

• Dinner, After (Cocktail, Amber Lounge)

• Accommodation in Monaco or nearby

• Airport and Hotel Transfers... in minivan, helicopters...

• Activities (Collection Cars Rallye, Supercars, Yachts...)

Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix "Héraclès Terrace"